Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title                      12th International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law
Conference Dates                    27th-29th April 2020
Deadline for Abstract              2nd March 2020
Conference Venue                   University of British Columbia, The Liu Institute, Vancouver, Canada
Updated on 2nd June 2019

1.     Dr. Vusala Yusif Amirbayova, Piano Teacher, Sultan Qaboos University, Essence and Importance of Artistic content in Major Music Works. 

2.       Ms. Sarah Josephine Natalia, Student, Udayana University, Internal and External Factors Underlying Creative Process of Sculptors in Mas Village, Bali: A New Concept. Co-Author(s):  Happy Indah Sari, Student; Yohanes Kartika Herdiyanto, S.Psi, M.A, Lecturer; David Hizkia Tobing, S.Psi, M.A, Lecturer; Adjie Dharmasatya, Student

3.       Mr. Adjie Dharmasatya, Student, Udayana University, Creative Process and the Concept of Humor in Theatrical Arts: A Look on Sociolinguistic Factor. Co-Author(s):  Sarah Josephine Natalia, Student; Harry Naufal Hutomo, Student; Yohanes Kartika Herdiyanto, S.Psi, M.A., Lecturer; David Hizkia Tobing, S.Psi., M.A., Lecturer

4.       Dr. May Al-Shaikhli, Assistant Professor, Amman Arab University, Toward an Optimal Theory of Translation. 

5.       Mr. Sa'adu Isa Bashar, Lecturer, Sokoto State University, Educational Policies in the Context of Nigerian Politics: Towards Addressing the Implementation Challenges for National Development. 

6.       Ms. Aisi Zhang, Post Doctor, Xi’an Jiaotong University, The Feasibility of Developing Constitutional Review in China. 

7.       Dr. Alhaji Adamu Saidu, Associate Professor, University Utara Malaysia, The mediating effect of entreprenuership between the external environment of public tertiary institutions and organizational performance. Co-Author(s):  Dr Hajj Din Badharia

8.       Mr. Paul Nyray Antolino, Graduate Student, University of the Philippines Diliman, The Effect of Similarity and Rank Uncertainty on Competitiveness. Co-Author(s):  Ms. Grazianne-Geneve V. Mendoza, Student; Ms. Gabrielle Dominique I. Herradura, Student; and Ms. Janah Nicole D. Ologenio, Student

9.       Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Sheikh, Assistant Professor, Government College University, CEO Compensation and Future Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Group Affiliation and Ownership Concentration. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Aamir Inam Bhutta, Assistant Professor; and Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Associate Professor

10.   Mr. Abdullah Hafeez, Assistant Professor, Bahria University, Experiencing Aggression from Dementia Patients: Moderating Role of Emotional Support. Co-Author(s):  Gul e Nayab, Senior Lecturer

11.   Dr. Ahmadu Abubakar, Lecturer, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Financial Leverage and Financial Performance of Quoted Oil and Gas Firms in Nigeria. 

12.   Mr. Celsus Undeshi, Lecturer, Federal College of Education, Impact of innovative teaching aids on the academic performance of Students  in Obudu Local Government of Cross River State, Nigeria. Co-Author(s):  Mrs Akinde Esther, Lecturer

13.   Prof. Bader Alhashel, Assistant Professor, Kuwait University, The Cross-section of Expected Returns in GCC Markets. 

14.   Ms. Maarij Shakoor, Lecturer, Superior College for women, Trauma and Existential dilemma in The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed: A study of traumatic narratology and desensitisation. Co-Author(s):  Prof. Sadia Waheed

15.   Ms. Tarisha Patwa, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Impacts of E-Commerce on Human Resource Management. 

16.   Mr. Adeyemi Kamil HAMZAH, PhD Student, University of Ibadan, Informal Cross Border Migration and Integration in Ecowas: Nigeria and Niger Republic Experience. 

17.   Dr. Nawaz Ahmad, Associate Professor, The university of Lahore, Ethnic Diversity, Stressful Living Environment and International Trade Nexus. Co-Author(s):  Saqib Amin

18.   Ms. Betzabet García-Mendoza, MSc Student, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Creation of narratives in the mazatec indigenous language as a method to encourage the use of the language and propagation in the new digital media. Co-Author(s):  José L. García-Martínez; Paola N. González-Valencia; Francisco X. Valenzuela-Kat;and Carlos R. Jaimez-González

19.   Dr. Jolanta Sroczyńska, Researcher & Lecturer, Cracow University of Technology, Enhancing the Attractiveness of Architectural Monuments as Tourist Attractions. Medieval Castle Ruins in the Area of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska in Poland as a Case Study. 

20.   Prof. Aktham Almaghaireh, Professor, United Arab Emirates University, Can Gold be used as a Hedge Against the Risks of Sharia-Compliant securities? Application for Islamic Portfolio Management. 

21.   Dr. khaled Eslayeh, Assistant Professor, Quds University, The degree of facing violence and its relation with depression and anxiety for Palestinian children in Gaza Strip. 

22.   Mrs. Olukemi O Akeredolu, Lecturer, Federal College of Education (Tecnical) Akoka, Parent’s Perceptions on the Influence of Violent Cartoons on Children’S Psycho-Social Behaviour in Lagos State, Nigeria. 

23.   Prof. Maria Matshidiso Kanjere, Professor, University of Limpopo, The Corrosive Implication of Corruption on Business in South  Africa. 

24.   Ms. Mayuri Ghosh, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, A study on the evolution of social media as a window to popularized beauty awareness. 

25.   Ms. Jenny Shah, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Factors Influencing Online Shopping among Youth. 

26.   Mr. Adolphus Chukwuemeka Anoruo, Lecturer, Imo State polytechnic Umuagwo, Human Capital Formation and Utilization: An imperative for socio-economic stability in developing nations. 

27.   Mr. Abraham Pius, Lecturer, Arden University, A Critical Review of Public-Private Partnership Investment: Evidence from the Nigerian Transport Sector. Co-Author(s):  Obioma R. Nwaogbe; Ejems A. Ejem; Husam A. Helmi; and Imad Guenane

28.   Dr. Garba Adamu, Senior Lecturer, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Assessment of the Fertility Status of Fadama (Floodplain) Soils Found Along   Five Major River Catchments in Kano. 

29.   Dr. Muhammad Asim Iqbal, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University Islamabad, Shareholders' conflict management to promote corporate governance in close companies of Pakistan and UK. 

30.   Mr. Akwasi Boateng, PhD Student & Researcher, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Facebook Usage in Political Communication in Ghana: The Case of Two Political Parties. 

31.   Mr. Abdurrahman Alfaqiih, Lecturer, Islamic University of Indonesia, The Existence of Maslahah in trhe Establishing of Holding of State Owned Enterprises in Indonesia. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Aunur Rohim Faqih, S.H., M.Hum

32.   Mr. Oyindamola Ekundayo, Graduate Assistant Lecturer, Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Nigeria, Corporate Governance and Earnings Management of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. Co-Author(s):  Mr. Abdulateef Yunusa, Assistant Lecturer; and Mr. Teryima Samuel Orshi, Assistant Lecturer

33.   Mr. Teryima Orshi, Assistant Lecturer, Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Nigeria, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Taxation: Evidence from Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. Co-Author(s):  Mr. Oyindamola Ekundayo,Graduate Assistant; and Mr. Abdulateef Yunusa, Assistant Lecturer

34.   Mr. Abdulateef Yunusa, Assistant Lecturer, Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Nigeria, Determinants of Listed Agro Allied Firms’ Survival in Nigeria: Application of Altman Z-Score Model. Co-Author(s): Mr. Teryima Samuel Orshi, Assistant Lecturer; and Mr. Oyindamola Ekundayo, Graduate Assistant

35.   Ms. Carmela Jane Unabia, Student, Miriam College, Exploring the ​Laking Yaya​ Experiences: A Qualitative Analysis of Domestic Child Care in Metro Manila, Philippines. Co-Author(s):  Allison Dianne Labitan, Student; Emeline Klarizze De Leon, Student; Kyra Darielle Ripotola, Student; and Marie Angelica Sagales, Student

36.   Mr. Seini Odudu Abu, Academic Staff, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Can the Teaching of Forensic and Investigative Accounting in Nigerian Universities be a solution to Financial Frauds in Nigeria?: A study of Universities in North West Nigeria. 

37.   Dr. Aliyu Ibrahim, Lecturer, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Studies in the Alterations of Space Laboratory: Examining Global Detrital CO2 Emission Mitigation Techniques. Co-Author(s):  Mr. Mubarak Nasir; and Dr. Tudun Matawalle. Additional Abstract Accepted:  Quantitative Revolution in Geomorphology and Challenges and Effect of Cycle of Erosion

38.   Ms. Michele St-Amant, PhD Student, The University of Toronto, Failed States or Failed Solutions? An Empirical Assessment of U.S. Treatment of State Failure in the Developing World. 

39.   Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi, Associate Professor, Univeristas Islam Indonesia, Brand Policy Usage Model as Co Branding for Special District of Yogyakarta Products. 

40.   Mrs. Anifat AbdurRaheem, Lecturer II, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Perception of people towards family planning and it's impact on the realization of the millennium Development Goals in Nigeria. 

41.   Mr. Mohammed  Aliyu Yusuf, Lecturer II, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Value Relevance of IFRS adoption on Performance of listed lnsurance Companies in Nigeria. 

42.   Dr. Jenny Cain, Senior Lecturer, St Trinian's University, RFID chips in colour preference tracking. 

43.   Ms. Vusala Yusif Amirbayova, Lecturer, Sultan Qaboos University, Importance of music and musical education in our life. 

44.   Dr. Mohammed Danjuma, Lecturer, Adamawa State University Mubi, Government Integrated Financial Management Information System(GIFMIS) a Tool for Nigeria's Revenue Drive in Ministries, Departments and Agencies. 

45.   Ms. Monisha Shah, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Impact of North Korea's nuclear capability on South Korea's attitude towards nuclear weapons. 

46.   Mr. Hafsah Olatunji, Ag Director, Sokoto State University, An exploratory study on women entrepreneurs’ satisfaction of formal credit services in Sokoto State, Nigeria. 

47.   Dr. Njeng Eric Sipyinyu, Senior Lecturer, University of Burundi, Time and the Postcolonial Agency in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God. 

48.   Dr. Mahmoud Alnaamneh, Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University, Consumerism Among Emirati Female Students: A Socio-Cultural Perspective. 

49.   Dr. John Watson, Senior Lecturer, University of Southwest Hampshire, Predicting market shifts based on Newton's second law and disc inertia. 

50.   Prof. Leila Kajee, Associate Professor, University of Johannesburg, Notions of justice: South African teachers engage and negotiate. 

51.   Mr. Aminu Ibrahim Lawal, Senior Assistant Registrar, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Agricultural Development Policies and Poverty Eradication in Nigeria. A case study of Dutsin-Ma. 

52.   Dr. Dong-il Kim, Assistant Professor, Gyeongsang National University, Can we make a democratic decision at all?

53.   Ms. Sinikiwe Mzezewa, PhD Student, University of Cape Town, Ubuntu and certainty in commercial contracting: A study of burial societies in Cape Town. 

54.   Ms. Reina Angela Canda, Graduate Student, De La Salle University, Organizational Trust Plays a Vital Role on Employee Altruism and Affective Commitment of an Employee: A Moderation Analysis Approach. 

55.   Ms. Nomagugu Bobo, Lecturer, Zimbabwe Open University, Resuscitating Zimbabwes Manufacturing Sector Through The Computer Aided Design. 

56.   Dr. Archibald Goodwin, Assistant Professor, Lower Hutt University, Applications of Social Science to Interdisciplinary Projects: The Case of Synthetic Candida Albicans as Growth Agent. 

57.   Mrs. Acharu Faith Tony-Okeme, Senior Lecturer, Kogi State Polytechnic, Influence of Information and Communication Technology Resources on Teaching Office Technology and Management in Polytechnics.

58.   Mrs. Alev Irmak Kurtulmuş, Research Assistant, Okan University, A country within a school: Fajr Iranian School in Istanbul. 

59.   Prof. Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika, Professor, University of Alberta, Integrating the experiences and viewpoints of students in graduate training: A qualitative study of participants in four African universities. Co-Author(s):  Prof. Sibusiso Moyo

60.   Ms. Mamoloko Rachidi, Lecturer, University of Limpopo, Entrepreneurial Potential Amongst Grade 12 Secondary School Pupils in the Maleboho Central Area, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Co-Author(s):  Mr Musa Mabunda

61.   Ms. Tarela Juliet Ike, Doctoral researcher, University of East London, The Role of Law and the Changing Face of Terrorism: A Case Study of Boko Haram in Nigeria. 

62.   Mr. Godwin Onamah, Chief Lecturer, Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja, The Challenges of Youth Empowerment Programmes on Poverty Reduction in Kogi State, Nigeria 2011-2017. 

63.   Mr. Adavuruku John Aliyu, Lecturer, Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja, Sustainable Development and the Challenges of Corruption in Nigeria. 

64.   Mr. Tunde Anthony Puke, Chief Lecturer, Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja, Education Infrastructure and Universal Basic Education in Kogi State 2005-2015. 

65.   Ms. Rolyn Julianne, Student, Miriam College, Darkness Before the Dawn: Experiences of Selected Parent/s with a Family Member who is HIV+. Co-Author(s):  Ariane Anne Coleen; Kelly Anne; April Marie; Laurel; Morales; Obispo; Ramos

66.   Mr. Isaac Sanni, Chief Lecturer, Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, An Assessment of the Impact of Treasury Single Account (TSA) Adoption on the Fight Against Corruption in the Public Sector: The Nigeria Experience. 

67.   Dr. Lovemore Chiduza, Senior Lecturer, North-West University, The Expropriation of Land in Without Compensation in South Africa: Lessons From Zimbabwe.

68.   Mrs. Sharifa Al Battashi, Doctoral student, University College London, Translanguaging and Children’s Performances and Negotiations of Identities in Imaginative Play in an Early Childhood Setting: A Linguistic Ethnography.

69.   Dr. Mabel Shek, Senior Lecturer, The Education University of Hong Kong, Using Video Annotation Tool to enhance student-teachers’ reflective thinking and communication skills through a collaborative learning community. 

70.   Mrs. Sharifa Al Battashi, Doctoral Student, University College London, Translanguaging and Children’s Negotiations of Identities in Imaginative Play: A Linguistic Ethnography. 

71.   Mr. Ali Sarikaya, PhD Student, University of Pecs in Hungary, Hungarian-Turkish Relations During The Cold War &

72.   The impact of Hungarian revolution 1956 on Hungarian-Turkish relations (1945-1989)Additional Abstract Accepted:  The Rise of Political Islam in Turkey and from Secularism to Autocracy

73.   Ms. Hira Toheed, Assistant Director Examinations, Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan, Challenge the Status Quo by breaking the glass ceiling: Exploring the role of Gender Stereotypes and Global Feminism on Women Leadership Development in Pakistan. Co-Author(s):  Dr Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed

74.   Ms. Humera Malik, PhD Scholar, University of the Punjab, Economic Inequality in Pakistan, Keeping in view the Gender Biased Societal Set Up and Patriarchal Mind Set. Co-Author(s):  Hina Saleem

75.   Dr. Sy-Chyi Wang, Associate Professor, National Chiayi University, Effects of Embedded Stretch Animation Clips on Learners’ Attention, Performance, and Health Status. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Jin-Yuan Chern, Assistant Professor, Chang Jung Christian University

76.   Dr. Secil Ozdemir, Instructor, Bartin University, International Change and SALT Negotiations in the 1970s. 

78.   Mr. Anurag Velury, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Post-Ltte Peace Building in Sri Lanka: Is India Generous or Cautious? Co-Author(s):  Abhijeet Sharma

80.   Mr. Muhammad Nur Alam, Student, University of Indonesia, The Development of Halal Tourism Destinations in Indonesia: Potentials, Opportunities and Challenges. Fahadil Amin Al Hasan

81.   Dr. Sumayya Chughtai, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, Islamabad, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, Financial Reporting Quality and the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Pakistan. Co-Author(s):  Ms. Asma Sarfraz

82.   Dr. Kausar Khawaja, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University Islamabad, Examining the Moderating Effect of Technology Readiness Index (TRI) on Unified Theory Of Acceptance and Use of Technology: A study on the acceptance of Mobile Learning. Co-Author(s):  Nida Akhtar

83.   Mr. Fahim Ali, Graduate Student, National University of Singapore, Future of cities in the age of disruption. 

84.   Dr. Trenton Mize, Assistant Professor, Purdue University, How Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Influence Hiring Decisions. 

85.   Ms. St. Aisyah Mardiah Suwedi, Student, Universitas Indonesia, Users Trust of Islamic Branchless Banking in Indonesia: Influence and Challenge. 

86.   Mr. Farrukh Mahfooz, PhD Scholar, Bahria University, Influence of Servant Leadership on Organizational Creativity. Co-Author(s):  Mr Muhammad Waseem and Dr Mushtaq Ahmed

87.   Dr. Imrana Begum, Assistant Professor, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Sino relations with Afghanistan in the post withdrawal of combat troops: Implications on South Asia. 

88.   Mr. Claudiu Botoc, Lecturer, West University of Timisoara, Leading the FinTech Investments: An empirical country analysis. Co-Author(s):  Marilen Pirtea; and Alexandru Bociu

89.   Dr. Egbe Tandu, Chief Lecturer, Cross River State College of Education, Underdevelopment and Dependency: The Case of Nigeria. Co-Author(s):  Nyiam, Theresa Eneh

90.   Dr. Sirirat Rattanapituk, Marketing Lecturer and Director, The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, The Effects of Service Problem Severity and Brand Love on Brand Forgiveness, Brand Avoidance and Brand Revenge. 

91.   Ms. Suveena Rungrodruttanagorn, Head of Department, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon (RMUTP), Explaining and Forecasting for Thai Clothing Export under ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Co-Author(s):  Dr.Kwanruetai Boonyasana,Ms.Siriporn Silapavanich, Ms. Kunnika Jakor

92.   Dr. Kwanruetai Boonyasana, Lecturer, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon (RMUTP), Influence of Integrated Marketing Communications in Online Social Networking on Clothing Purchase of ASEAN Consumers. Co-Author(s): Mr.Arttakarn Sattayapanich, Dr.Surachart  Buachum

93.   Mr. Rahmad Ramadhan Hasibuan, Postgraduate Student, Universitas Indonesia, Digital Style Leadership Video Blog (Vlog) President Joko Widodo: In the Public Digital Space Preparation Jurgen Habermas. Co-Author(s):  Agus Sugiharto

94.   Ms. Kahfiya Hasbi, Program Officer, IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Tendency of Injustice in the Implementation of ‘’REDD+” Benefit Sharing Scheme in Indonesia. 

95.   Mr. Parth Modhia, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Business Challenges and Opportunities in Automation in Indian Auto-Ancillary Industry in Liberated Market Environment. 

96.   Ms. Preksha Burad, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Effectiveness of Point Of Purchase (P-O- P) Display in Impulse Buying Decisions in Indian FMCG Sector. 

97.   Mr. Reynel Clamohoy, Teacher, Deparment of Education, The Antecedents of Ethnic Stereotyping: The Case of Subanen Learners in Sapang Dalaga District, Philippines. 

98.   Dr. Aliyu Mamman, Senior Lecturer, Federal University Dutsinma, Determinants of Loyalty Among Customers of Non-interest Banking Services: Evidence from Nigeria. Ibrahim Aminu Lawal

99.   Ms. Nneoma Osakwe, Medical Student, Texila American University, A Study to Assess the Knowledge about Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Acute Coronary Syndrome among Patients in Georgetown, Guyana. Co-Author(s):  Ms Harshita Catherine, Medical Student; and Ms Kriba Dharshini, Medical Student

100. Dr. Celani Nyide, Senior Lecturer, Durban University of Technology, A critical evaluation of continuous monitoring of Critical Financial Reporting Controls: A case of a National Port Authority in an emerging economy. 

101. Ms. Prisca Rumokoy, Ph.D Candidate, University of Washington, Agriculture Negotiation in the Doha Round: Why We Are Here. 

102. Ms. Hanna Ramos, Student, Lorma Colleges Basic Education Schools, Self-Transformation: Searching for the Greatest Self. Co-Author(s): Ms. Kaitlin Trinidad, Student

 103.  Mr. Yiwen Tan, PhD Candidate, University of Leicester, The effects of acculturation on the Short Parallel Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS).  

104. Dr. Olusegun Vincent, Senior Lecturer, Pan Atlantic University, Extant studies on the impact of corporate citizenship behaviour on firm financial performance have produced contradictory findings.  

105. Dr. Nadeem Iqbal, Lecturer, International Islamic University Islamabad, Evaluation of Poverty Detriments and Financing for Poverty Reduction Determinants in Rural Pakistan. Muhammad Mohsin

106.  Mrs. Eman Faisal, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, A triadic model of self-evaluation, motivation, and skills’ development: A study with first-year undergraduates.  

107.  Dr. Serpil Kahraman, Assistant Professor, Yasar University, Data Mining Methods in Financial Economics.  

108.  Ms. Muna Aullad Thani, Language Instructor, Sultan Qaboos University, What Makes a Good Self-Access Center?  

109.  Ms. Jailan El-Bous, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, New Media Content and It's Effect on Egyptian Football Fans' Engagement and Loyalty. Co-Author(s):   Dr. Sherif Hassan, Vice Dean of students' Affairs

110. Mr. Danang Wirawan, Expert Advisor, Telkom Indonesia, Transaction Security in Indonesian Online Business: Will Marketplace Service Providers be Our New Legitimate Mediator?  

111.  Mr. Mohammed Al Hanaee, Research Student, Canterbury Christ Church University, The main themes of soft policing adoption in Abu Dhabi Police: Qualitative approach.  

112.  Mr. Osuagwu Godwin Onyewuchi, Lecturer I, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Impact of Survival Strategies on Sustainable Growth of SMEs in an Emerging Economy. Co-Author(s):  Mr. Ekundayo Oyindamola Olusegun, Assistant Lecturer

113.  Dr. Reenu Rani, Assistant Professor, Government Post Graduate College, Entrepreneurship & India: Challenges and Opportunities.  

114.  Mr. Hardik Choudhary, Students, Hidayatullah National Law University, Decoding Transnational Crimes through Cyber Portals. Co-Author(s):   Mr. Aviraj Pandey

115.  Dr. Fanny Ming Yan Chung, Lecturer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Stakeholders in Cultural Development: Impacts of Art Marketing and Advocacy.  

116.  Dr. Abiodun Oluwadare, Senior Lecturer, Nigerian Defence Academy, Steming Insurgency in Nigeria: A Multi-Pronged Approach.  

117. Ms. Aynur Unal, PhD Candidate, University of Leicester, Indigeneity Discourse within Kurdish Political Movement and its Significance for the Indigenous Peoples of the Middle East.  

118.  Mr. Lusekelo Mwakapala, Student, Harbin Insititute of Technology, Public Private Partnership in Developing countries: The combination use of Public Finance and Domestic Private Investment Debt. Co-Author(s): Dr. Sun Baiqing

119.  Dr. Nadiia Skliar, Lecturer, Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade, The Economic Aspects of the Modern Armed Conflicts.  

120.  Dr. Amjad Ali, University Librarian, Aligarh Muslim University, Quantitative Study of Knowledge and Research Output in Indian Universities. Co-Author(s): Dr. Jafar Iqbal, Semi Professional; Mr. Mohmmad Azim, Semi Professional

121. Ms. Nidhi Gajjar, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Identifying the Levels of Organizational Stress in Police Officers.  

122.  Ms. Trishla Surana, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Aiteology of superstitions & ‘prevailing interventions’ in relation to mental illness, in India: An exploratory study.  

123. Ms. Monica Sonkusare, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Study of Relationship between Market Orientation and Sales of Two Leading Fast Food Franchise in India.  

124. Mr. Jamal Abdi, Postgraduate Student, Political Science, Expanding the Explanatory Sphere of Rational Choice Theory: Bridging Rational Choice Theory and Social Identity Theory.  

125. Mrs. Jaya Arora, Research Scholar, University of Delhi, Community dynamics of degraded habitats.  

126.  Ms. Agnes Munyoro, Student, University of Glasgow, The impact of international and internal migration on regional fertility rates in England and Wales. Co-Author(s): Dr Jon Minton, Quantitative Research Associate