Shortlisted Delegates

Conference Title 
                      2nd International Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Sciences (ICSEES)
Conference Dates                      17th-19th September 2018
Deadline for Abstract                20th August 2018
Venue                                       University of CambridgeNewnham College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Updated on 20th August 2018

1.       Ms. Ho-Wei Hsu, Student, University College London, The Internationalisation Strategies of Emerging Market Multinationals. 

2.       Dr. Abhay Nagale, Associate Professor, National Institute of Securities Markets, Declining Profitability and Efficiency of India’s Ratna Companies. 

3.       Mr. Diqson Bishugad Yunana, Graduate Assistant, Bauchi State University, An Examination of Non-Medical Factors affecting Maternal Health in Bauchi South Senatorial Districts, Bauchi State, Nigeria. 

4.       Mr. Peter Ali Malgwi, Lecturer 1, Federal College of Education Technical Potiskum, Effect of Scaffolding on Students’ Achievement in Intergrated Science. 

5.       Ms. Neha Rajwar, Senior Research Fellow, Kumaun University, Vermicomposting studies in Kumaun region of Indian Himalayas special reference to gut cellulolytic bacteria for promoting organic farming. Co-Author(s): Professor Satpal Singh Bisht

6.       Dr. Ishmael Yaw Dadson, Senior Lecturer, University of Education Winneba, Morphological classification and protection of the central coastline: Implications for coastal erosion management in Ghana. Co-Author(s): Dr. Kofi Adu-Boahen; and Dr Benjamin Kofi Nyarko

7.       Dr. Rina Shahriyani Shahrullah, Associate Professor, Universitas Internasional Batam, Reinterpreting the Indonesian Arbitration Legislation for Online Awards to Facilitate Businesses. Co-Author(s): Dr. Elza Syarief

8.       Dr. Dorcas Basetsana Maripe-Perera, Lecturer, Institute of Health Sciences-Molepolole, Level of disaster preparedness by educational institutions in risk reduction in Molepolole, Botswana. 

9.       Dr. Elza Syarief, Head of Law, Universitas Internasional Batam, Acquiring Flats by Foreigners in Indonesia: Opportunities in Real Estate Business? Co-Author(s): Associate Prof. Dr. Rina Shahriyani Shahrullah

10.   Mr. Ahmed Mohamed, Researcher, University of Nottingham, The collectors design parameters impacts on solar energy applications – A review. Co-Author(s): M.W. Fouad

11.   Mr. MD Samiul Hakim, Masters's Student, University of Tsukuba, Estimation of Energy Balance Components over Lake Kasumigaura in Summer Season by ASTER Sensor. 

12.   Ms. Galuh Widyastuti, Student, Universitas Indonesia, Genetic Engineered Ideonella sakaiensis Bacteria: a Solution of The Legendary Plastic Waste Problem. 

13.   Ms. Farzana Sharmin, Doctoral Student, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Personal Care Products (PCPs): A review on environmental contamination in China. Co-Author(s): Professor Dr. Yifan Li

14.   Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah, Assistant Professor, Islamia College University Peshawar, Behavioural Outcomes of Gender Discrimination with Interacting Effect of Emotional Attachment: Empirical Evidence from Academia in Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Sonia Sethi, Research Scholar

15.   Dr. Joseph Oluseye Mokuolu, Lecturer, Ekiti State University, Impact of Capital Market on Industrial Development in Nigeria. 

16.   Dr. Erastus Thoronjo Muriuki, Research Coordinator, Mount Kenya University, Influence of Schemes Size and Location on the Performance of Community Based Health Financing Schemes at Kibera Informal Settlement in Nairobi City County, Kenya. Co-Author(s): Kabare Karanja; and Catherine Nguli

17.   Mrs. Umeoka Nkiru, Lecturer, Imo State University, A Case Study of Ecological Weed Species Abundance in Imo State University, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. 

18.   Mr. Muhamamd Luqman, Director Administration, Punjab Higher Education Commission, A Service Quality Model and its implications in Hotel Industry of Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Dr. M Khyzer bin Dost

19.   Dr. Winatta Sakdasri, Post-Doctor, Chulalongkorn University, The effect of water on continuous biodiesel production from palm oil with supercritical ethanol. Co-Author(s): Dr.Ruengwit Sawangkeaw, Researcher; and Dr. Somkiat Ngamprasertsith, Professor

20.   Dr. Muhammad Khan, Assistant Professor, COMSATS University Islamabad, Economic Burden of Occupational Illness on Women Workers in Textile Industry, Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Kashif Muhmood; Saima Noureen;  Shumaila Noureen RA

21.   Dr. Martin Reed, Senior Research Fellow, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), High performance ray tracing for 3D solar insolation studies of complex architectures in densely populated areas for deployment of solar PV solutions. Co-Author(s): Mr Congyi Tan, Senior Engineer & Dr Wilfred Walsh, Group Head

22.   Mrs. Christine Aluyi, Deputy Registrar, College of Education Warri, Political Interference in Service Delivery: Nigeria in Focus. 

23.   Prof. Saikat Chakraborty, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Multiscale Dynamics of Hemicellulose Hydrolysis for Biofuel Production. Co-Author(s): Sajal K. Dutta, PhD Student

24.   Dr. Julia Crowley, Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University, Disaster Debris Management Planning in the United States. 

25.   Dr. Melissa Robson-Williams, Senior Scientst, Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research, Does using the Integration and Implementation Science framework lead to more fit for purpose science for environmental policy development? An initial look at a case study in Canterbury, New Zealand. Co-Author(s): Dr Bruce Small; and Dr Roger Robson-Wiliams

26.   Ms. Dalia Moati El-Khateeb, Assistant Lecturer, British University in Cairo, Eco-Urbanity as an approach for open spaces sustainable design. 

27.   Ms. Dalia Moati El-Khateeb, Assistant Lecturer, British University in Cairo, Social design as an assessment tool for sustainable urban development. 

28.   Dr. Vladimir Мoiseev, Professor, Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University, Corruption in Russia: state and prospects. Co-Author(s): Dr. SN Glagolev - Rector

29.   Dr. Chudech Losiri, Lecturer, Srinakharinwirot University, Monitoring the Spatial Pattern of the Future Urbanization in Pathum Thani, Thailand. 

30.   Ms. Luisa Tamara, Student, Universitas Indonesia, The Urgency of a New Regime towards Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. Co-Author(s): Prof. Melda Kamil Ariadno

31.   Mr. Ibrahim Abdou, Teaching Assistant & Master Student, German University in Cairo, Vacancies in Cairo: A lost opportunity. Co-Author(s): Assoc. Prof. Cornelia Redeker, Vice Dean & Associate Professor; Manar Karam, Teaching Assistant; Noha Salama, Teaching Assistant; and Yosra Malek, Teaching Assistant

32.   Dr. Boudi Abdessamad, Assistant Professor, University of Béchar, The role of social entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable development. 

33.   Dr. Hamoul Tarik, Assistant Professor, University of Tahri Mohamed, The Evolution of the marketing of Algerian insurance services: Reference to the Bancassurance experience. Co-Author(s): Zair Wafia  and Kassoul Sofiane

34.   Mr. Babajide Oyewo, Lecturer, University of Lagos, Diffusion of Fair Value Accounting in Nigeria: Perception of Auditors. Co-Author(s): Solabomi Ajibolade, Associate Professor

35.   Dr. Teresa Perez, Research Fellow, University of Cape Town, The implications of workshop fatigue in enabling climate change adaptation in semi-arid regions. 

36.   Dr. Michaela Elram, Head of Marketing Department, The College of Academic Studies, The relationship between online brand engagement and repeat online purchases: Fashion brand image mediation effect. Co-Author(s): Dr Orna Steiner Lavie VP

37.   Dr. Titi Muswati Putranti, Associate Professor, Universitas Indonesia, Value Added Tax Incentives Available to Solar Energy in Indonesia: Quo Vadis. 

38.   Dr. Anupama Rajput, Associate Professor, Janki Devi Memorial College, PANZAR-ROSSE APPROACH of Competition Analysis in Indian Banking Industry in Dynamic Panel Framework. 

39.   Dr. Bhawna Rajput, Associate Professor, University of Delhi, Causality Relationship between Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Time Series Analysis on a Vector Error Correction Model in India. 

40.   Dr. Paweł Wnuczak, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Kozminski University, Poland, Location, location, … and its significance for small banks. Co-Author(s): Prof. Krzysztof Jackowicz (Department of Banking, Insurance and Risk, Kozminski University, Poland), Prof. Łukasz Kozłowski Department of Banking, Insurance and Risk, Kozminski University, Poland)

41.   Dr. Naser Khdour, Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University, Organizational Storytelling within Jordanian Telecommunication Sector. 

42.   Ms. Shazila Andleeb, MBA Finance Student, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Why people hesitate in using E-banking services in Pakistan. 

43.   Mr. Muhammad Issyam Ismail, Bank Officer, Hong Leong Islamic Bank, The Implementation of Value-Based Intermediation in Malaysia: The Perception of Industry Players. Co-Author(s): Prof. Dr. Rusni Hassan

44.   Dr. Nilam Panchal, Professor, Gujarat University, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Barriers : A study of Perception of Youth in India. Co-Author(s): Prof. W.C.Singh

45.   Dr. Nilam Panchal, Professor, Gujarat University, Effect of Organizational Change and Employees’ Response in the SMEs : An Overview. Co-Author(s): Prof. W.C.Singh

46.   Mr. Meshal AlJohani, Researcher, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Ni-Based Nanowire Co-catalysts Integrated with a Si Photoanode for Efficient Water Oxidation. Co-Author(s): Talal AlJohani; Abduljalil AlJadani; Mohammed AlThehaiban;and Bandar AlOtaibi

47.   Dr. Manisha Ashish Mehrotra, Assistant Professor, Hindu University, The effect of Declining Sex Ratio in India on overall Economy with special reference to Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. 

48.   Mr. Kevin Mutie Nyamai, Lecturer, Mount Kenya University kenya, Cruise Tourism as an Alternative Tourism Product in Kenya (A Case Study Mombasa County). 

49.   Mr. Kevin Mutie Nyamai, Lecturer, Mount Kenya University kenya, Cruise Tourism as an Alternative Tourism Product in Kenya (A Case Study Mombasa County). 

50.   Ms. Daniel Icaza, Researcher, Universidad Católica de Cuenca, Modeling and simulation of a solar energy system in the vicinity of the hiking area in the Cave of the Tayos and its petroglyphs in the Amazon of Ecuador. Co-Author(s): Eng. Carlos Flores, Researcher

51.   Prof. Wahengbam Chandbabu Singh, Professor, Manipur University, Effect of Organizational Change and Employees’ Response in the SMEs: An Overview of the Finding of Multiple Studies. 

52.   Prof. Bülent Sönmez, Proffessor.Dr., İzmir Katip Çelebi Üniversity, Belief Value and Violence. 

53.   Ms. Talat Rehman Awan, Senior Assistant Professor, Bahria University Islamabad, Organizational Politics Deteriorating the Organizations Performance and Employees work outcomes in Pakistan: A Conceptual Study. Co-Author(s): Dr. Samreen Babar, Senior Assistant Professor

54.   Dr. Mohammed Isa Auyo, Senior Lecturer, Federal University Dutse, Integrated Methods of Elimination and Community based Utilization of Typha grass in Hadejia Valley, Nigeria. 

55.   Mr. Navdeep Singh Randhawa, Research Fellow, Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Proposal for Energy Efficient Wireless Body Area Network Using IoT. Co-Author(s):  Mandeep Dhami

56.   Mrs. Prita Amalia Faiz, Lecturer, Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran, WTO and Indonesia: The Implication for Indonesia’s Legal Reform on International Trade Law. Co-Author(s):  Mr. Garry Gumelar Pratama

57.   Dr. Farouq Al-Shibli, Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University, The Legal Administrative Contracts as a Primary Source of Economic Growth.  

58.   Mrs. Karimatus Sa'diyah, Student, University of Trunojoyo Madura, Endogenous Financing Rationing in Indonesian Sharia Banking.  

59.   Mr. Garry Gumelar Pratama, Lecturer and Researcher, Universitas Padjadjaran, Narrowing Indonesian Justification on International Trade Agreement Exit: National Interest as a Legal Matter. Co-Author(s): Prita Amalia

60.   Dr. Muhammad Usman Mazhar, Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, Replicating Low Carbon Smart Cities through Knowledge Sharing and Learning across Cities. Co-Author(s): Dr. John Israilidis Antoniou, Senior Lecturer; Kayode Odusanya, Lecturer; and Justin Udie, Lecturer

61.   Ms. Hafize Nur Silay Emir, PhD Student, Kingston University, Sustainable K-12 Schools Supporting Ecological Literacy.  

62.   Dr. Didi Achjari, Associate Professor, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Factors Affecting the Use of GO-PAY as Internal E-Commerce Institutional Mechanism in Online to Offline E-Commerce in Indonesia. Co-Author(s): Elisabeth Penti Kurniawati, Ph.D Student

63.   Dr. Isaac Ali Kwasu, Head of Department, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, Design of Pneumatic Composite air generating machine for Artisan

64.   Energy availability is a challenge for Artisan that uses air and depends on oils to run their businesses in Afric. Co-Author(s): Dr. Tokan Aje; and Mr. M. A Bawa