International Law Journal on Trade, Business & Economics (ILJTBE 2014)

An e-journal - International Journal on Trade, Business, Economics and Law (IJTBEL 2014), will be released in the month of December 2014 with a unique eight-digit International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and/or International Standard Book Number (ISBN) code.  

All selected papers from International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law (ICTBEL 2014), Annual International Conference on Law, Economics and Politics (AICLEP 2014) and Annual Conference on Intellectual Property and International Law (ACIPIL 2014) will be published in the Journal.

Registered delegates for ICTBEL 2014, AICLEP 2014 and ACIPIL 2014 will be given FREE e-copy of IJTBEL 2014 e-journal.