Dr. Ramandeep Chhina

Experienced AML/CFT expert with a demonstrated experience of working with different international and regional organisations on AML/CFT technical assistance and capacity building projects. Experienced working in Asia, Europe, Pacific, Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Western Balkans.

Title                                         Dr.

First Name                              Ramandeep

Last Name                               Chhina

Name of the Institute             FLE Compliance 

Position within Institute        International Consultant 

Field of Expertise                   Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering, Bribery and Corruption,                                                                 Financial Investigations, International Trade Law, International                                                                       Business Law and Corporate/Commercial Law.

Qualification                           DPhil, MSt (Oxon); LLM, LLB, BA (Laws); Non-Practising Solicitor                                                                (England& Wales), CAMS, CFCS

Website                                   www.flecompliance.co.uk