Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title                        12th Academic International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Education - AICMSE
Conference Dates                      18th-20th May 2020 
Deadline for Abstract               20th April 2020
Conference Venue                    University of Oxford, St Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom

1. Mr. Elsayed Elhoshi, Researcher, Research Institute for Islamic Product and Malay Civilization., The Role of Teachers in Infusing Moral Values and Ethics from the Islamic Perspective: The Malaysian Experience. Co-Author: Dr. Rahimah Embong

2. Mr. Adaga Gilbert Terna, Lecturer., College of Education, Katsina - Ala, Benue State, Nigeria.a, Functional Entrepreneurship Development and Growth: A Tool for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in Nigeria. Co-Author:  Mr.Nomigo, Edward Terkula. and Mr. Gbinde, Felix Terfa

3.  Mr. Isah Mu'azu, Lecturer, Sokoto State University, Application of Mathematical Modeling on Population  Carry Capacity A Case Study of Sokoto Sourth Local Government. Co-Author:  Abdulkadir Aminu Ibrahim

4.  Dr. Niloofar Rouhani, HDR Candidate, Deakin Institute, Women’s Sport Participation in the United Arab Emirates: A Case Study. 

5.  Mr. Yan Gu, Doctoral Candidate, Technical University of Munich, How the city in city of old work units sustain a new urban life? With selected study cases in Beijing. Co-Author:  Zhao Juan-juanThomas Herzog

6. Ms. Ogechi Ibeanusi, Student, University of Southern California, Mimesis: The Scapegoating Function of Christianity. 

7. Dr. Manal Aldaihani, Associate Professor, PAAET Basic Education College, Inclusion of Student with disabilities within Higher Education in Kuwait: Issues and Challenges. 

8.  Mr. Mathew Rotimi, PhD Student, University of KwaZulu Natal, Modelling the Determinants of Exchange Rates Movement in Africa’s Oil Producing Countries. Co-Author:  Prof Harold Ngalawa

9. Ms. Yashfeen Ali, Researcher, Aligarh Muslim University, Labour laws in India and UK: A comparative Analysis. Co-Author:  Areeba Khan

10.  Dr. Yuzhu Peng, Lecturer, Newcastle University, Neoliberal Feminism and the Changing Male Ideal in Post-Reform China: A Case Study of Mimeng’s Public WeChat Account. Co-Author:  Ms Marloes Jansen

11.   Dr. Majed Alsharidah, Assistant Professor, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, Ways to Increase Utilisation of ICT by university teachers in Saudi Arabia. 

12.   Prof. Hung-Yi Chen, Professor, Soochow University Taipei, The Initiation of Privatization, Market Structure, and Optimal Privatization with Vertically Related Markets. Co-Author:  Shih-Jye Wu, Professor

13.   Dr. Sun Young Park, Associate Professor, Korea National Sport University, History and development of youth work in South Korea. 

14.   Mrs. Sara Aboelkhair, Student, American University in Cairo, Towards teachers' empowerment through teacher professional development programs. 

15.   Ms. Yamam Abuzinadah, Phd Researcher, RMIT University, Mental Health Literacy in the Arabic Community. 

16.   Dr. Abbas Ali Gillani, Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Administration, Impact of Conflict on Degree Choices: Evidence from Pakistan. 

17.   Dr. Kabiru Maji Ibrahim, Lecturer, Bauchi State University, Trade Openness, Energy Consumption and Environmental Quality in Nigeria. 

18.   Dr. Chong-Chuo Chang, Professor, National Chi Nan University, Quality of Institutions and Performance. 

19.   Mr. Ahmed Sameh, Lecturer, American University in Cairo, The paper showcases the effect of a program delivered to school students that is designed to help in eradicating school bullying by using Social and Emotional Learning techniques (SEL). 

20.   Dr. Tsoyu Calvin Lin, Professor, National Chengchi University, The Relation between Housing Prices and Business Innovation. 

21.   Mr. Amit Kumar, PhD Scholar cum Research Assistant, Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), Moustache for All: Do you have? Can you have? A study of roles, stereotype, crisis of masculinity and identity. 

22.   Mr. Amjad Hussain, Deputy Registrar, University of Sargodha, Green HRM Practises and Green Behaviour at place of work: Moderation of Transformational Leadership. 

23.   Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, Principal Lecturer, Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto, The Impact of System Automation on the Performance of Supply Chain Management. Co-Author:  Abdullahi Mohammed

24.   Mr. Muhamamd Luqman, Director Administration, Punjab Higher Education Commission, Significance of Management style on Organizational in-role performance: Medication model in case of Developing country. 

25.   Mr. Atadoga Godwing E., Lecturer, Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda, The Challenges Confronting Development in Africa and The Way Forward. 

26.   Dr. Muhammad Tahir Nadeem, Assistant Professor, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Perception of the Community Regarding Impact of University Education in Resolving Gender Issues. 

27.   Mr. Nasir Ali, lecturer, King Saud University, Nexus between Financial Depth, Trade Openness and  GDP growth in the oil dependent economy of  Saudi Arabia. 

28.   Mr. Najeeb Nasir, Lecturer, King Saud University, The impact of Corporate Governance on Capital Structure of Financial Intermediaries – An empirical investigation of Saudi Arabian Banking Sector.  

29.   Prof. Abdulaziz Taqi, Professor, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training-PAAET, The consistency between PAAET graduates and Market Demands within States Strategic Vision. 

30.   Dr. Hanan AlMazrouei, Aisstant Professor, United Arab Emirates, Why don’t female Emiratis occupy top executive positions in UAE public sector organizations. 

31.   Mr. Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi, PhD Scholar & Lecturer, National University of Modern Languages, Human Right and Education in Islamic Perspective,Analytic Approach. 

32.   Ms. Areeba Khan, Research Scholar, Aligarh Muslim University, Performance Evaluation of Islamic and Conventional Indices of UK. Co-Author:  Yashfeen Ali

33.   Mr. Abhinav Jindal, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, A Study on Mobile Banking: Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in India. Co-Author:  Akshit Badiani

34.   Mr. Samik Malla, Doctoral Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, On Ugliness and Being Just: Aesthetic Theories of Rosenkrantz, Scarry and Eco. 

35.   Ms. Bi Bi Ishrat Hassan, PhD Scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Islam and Social Justice: Exploring the notion in light of Tawhid and other concepts in the Quranic Discourse. 

36.   Ms. Areeba Khan, Research Scholar, Aligarh Muslim University, A comparative performance analysis of US and UK's Islamic and Conventional Markets. Co-Author:  Yashfeen Ali

37.   Ms. Yashfeen Ali, Research Scholar, Aligarh Muslim University, Intersection between Corporate Governance and Corporate Laws: Stakeholders perspective in the 21st Century. Co-Author:  Dr. Ali Nawaz Zaidi

38.   Mrs. Mary Cris Abad, Student, Roosevelt College, Contextualize Learning Approach As A Tool For Remediation For Students. 

39.   Ms. Gul E Nayab, Senior Lecturer, Bahria University, Impact of Emotional intelligence (EI) on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) – A comparative analysis of students’ academic performance at globally ranked and unranked business schools. 

40.   Mr. Khalid Mumtaz Khan, Senior Assistant Professor, Bahria University, Impact of Block holding on Corporate Distress- Evidence from companies listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX). 

41.   Dr. Usman Tunde Saadu, Lecturer, Kwara State University, An Investigation into Suicidal Ideation of Low Academic Achievers in Kwara State University, Malete. 

42.   Dr. Bhawna Rajput, Associate Professor, Delhi University, Causality Relationship between Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Time Series Analysis on a Vector Error Correction Model in India. 

43.   Dr. Anupama Rajput, Associate Professor, Delhi University, Competition Trends in Indian Banking: PANZAR-ROSSE APPROACH in Dynamic Panel Framework. 

44.   Mr. Abayomi Ajibike, Academic Lecturer, Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa, Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Performance: The Mediating Effect of Customer Value and Corporate Image. Co-Author:  Ms. MERCY AKPOJIVI-EDEWOR, Academic Lecturer

45.   Dr. Adedayo Adesokan, Lecturere II, Kwara State University, Study Habit, Locus Of Control And Academic Achievement Of Students In College Of Education Kwara State University, Nigeria. 

46.   Dr. Adedayo Adesokan, Lecturer II, Kwara State University, Malete kwara State Nigeria, Study Habit, Locus Of Control And Academic Achievement Of Students In College Of Education Kwara State University, Nigeria. 

47.   Ms. Swati Basu, Assistant Professor, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science (BIMS), Need for psychological training as cardinal determinant in attaining educational objectives- A critical reflexivity. 

48.   Mr. Abayomi Ajibike, Lecturer, Department of Marketing School of Business & Management Studies Ogun State Institute of Technology  Igbesa, Nigeria., Effects of Market Segmentation on Consumers’ Needs Satisfaction and Organisational Growth in Intercontinental Distillers Limited, Lagos, Nigeria. Co-Author:  Ajibike A. Abayomi

49.   Dr. Ajayan Thankappan Nair, Assistant Professor, University of Kerala, Kerala Education Act-1958. 

50.   Ms. Hanan Duri, PhD Student, York University, Gender Mainstreaming and It's Potential for Women's Empowerment: A Case Study of Addis Ababa University. 

51.   Mr. Jarrod Sio, District English Language Officer, Selangau District Education Office, Why Instructional Leadership Matters in Primary School English Language Literacy: A Look at Sibu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.

52.   Dr. Momole Kasambala, Lecturer, Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, The Major Players and allied attributes to the Industrial Economy. Is multi-sector Growth Important? Additional Paper Accepted: Assessing   the Impact of external financing on the Wealth status of the beneficiaries. Is SACCOS  a Solution to Poverty Reduction?

53.   Mr. Ahmadu Muhammad Nasir, HOD General Studies, Taraba State Polytechnic, Understanding the Dynamics of Fertility Aspirations, Attitudes and Determinants in Rural Communities of Nigeria. 

54.   Mr. Juraj Misun, Associate Professor, University of Economics in Bratislava, Attitudes to control(-ling) : The reasons. Co-Author:  Ivana Misunova Hudakova

55.   Mr. Zargham Ullah Khan, Lecturer, University of the Punjab, Asia Bibi Versus The State: A review of the landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the Human Rights. Co-Author: Tayiba Khan, Abdur Rehman Khan

56.   Mr. Ivo Hristov, PhD Student, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Company valuation in mergers and acquisitions (M&A): Empirical evidence from pharmaceutical companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Co-Author:  Antonio Chirico

57.   Mr. Shoaib Alvi, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, “Copyright issues in Cyberspace”: - The Indian perspective. 

58.   Mr. Atif Butt, Assistant Professor, Government Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College, Pakistan’s Language Policy Dilemma. 

59.   Prof. Joy Eyisi, Professor of English, National Open University, The Place of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of English in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions for National Development. Co-Author: Miss Joy Eyisi Jr. MA(Eng)

60.   Mr. Suleyman Ari, Doctoral Student, Anadolu University, Civil disobedience and its justification. 

61.   Dr. Salihu Abubakar, Principal Lecturer, Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Birnin-Kebbi, Environmental Determinants of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Failure in Kano Metropolis. 

62.   Mr. Ezekiel Mbitha Mwenzwa, Lecturer, Karatina University, Women, Socialization and Political Leadership: A Theoretical Appreciation. 

63.   Mr. Mohammed Thanvir Ahmed Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Leading University, Issues and Prospects of Quality Higher Education: A Comparative Study between Public and Private Universities in Bangladesh. Co-Author:  Aminur Rahman; and Muhammad Nazim Uddin

64.   Ms. Eunice Yorgri, Doctoral Candidate, Harbin Institute of Technology, Availability  and Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation for All? Evidence from Nima and Old Fadama. Co-Author:  Prof. Leng Hong

65.   Dr. Ayman Ghonem, Assistant Professor, Beni-Suef University, Effect of hypoxic training using the training mask on the cardiovascular fitness of fencing players. 

66.   Dr. Evangeline Castronuevo-Ruga, Chairperson and Faculty Member, De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, Experiences of gender-based violence and the associated  psychosocial  and mental health  issues  of Filipino HIV-positives. Co-Author:  Prof. Normita Atrillano

67.   Ms. Nalini Yadav, PhD Candidate, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Post disaster household recovery through cash transfers: A case study of flood affected rural households in Uttarakhand, India. 

68.   Mr. William Aditya Sarana, Student, University of Indonesia, The Authority of The Central Government of Republic of Indonesia to Nullify Local Regulations. Co-Author:  Dr. Fitra Arsil, Yunani Abiyoso, S.H., M.H.

69.   Mr. Wildan Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Student, Indonesia Defense Universty, The Right of Woman to Rule in The Culture of Yogyakarta Kingdom. 

70.   Mr. Steve Yaw Sarpong, Student, Cyprus International University, Factors Contributing to the Attrition of Business Management Teachers in Senior High Schools, Ghana. 

71.   Dr. JosAnn Cutajar, Senior Lecturer, University of Malta, The imbrication of gender and nationality where pay gap is concerned: the case in Malta. 

72.   Mr. Khashayar Jeshvaghani, Postgraduate, Bilkent University, Perovskite-type oxides have received great interests for their applications in semiconducting devices like MOSFET. 

73.   Dr. Yousef Padganeh, Head of Enterprise Risk Management, CBI Bank, A Macroeconomic Credit Risk Stress Test in Commercial Banks. 

74.   Mr. Aliyu Damri, Senior Lecturer, Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, The Use of WhatsApp PLATFORM in Spreading Fake News Among Mass Communication Students of Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara. Co-Author:  Mr. Aliyu Damri

75.   Mr. Aliyu Damri, Senior Lecturer, Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, WhatsApp Application and Challenges of Radio Broadcasting in Northern Nigeria: Special Interest on FRCN Kaduna. 

76.   Mrs. Rabiatu Abubakar Imam, Lecturer, Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare, Impacts of E-Learning on Students Academic Performance in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions. Co-Author:  Dr Abdullahi Mohammed Isyaku

77.   Mr. Chinweoke Nwaeze, Lecturer, Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Democracy Dividends in Nigeria: Governor Okezie Ikpeazu's Case, Abia State. 

78.   Ms. Kanvi Tiwary, Post Graduation student, National Institute of Technology Patna, Resolving water scarcity in Bengaluru: An innovative and eco-friendly approach. Co-Author:  Anjali Sharma

79.   Mr. Nicolas Viens, Student, Bishop's University, Sustainability in Business Practices: Providing an Educational Framework for the Leaders of Tomorrow. Co-Author:  Dr. Denise Fortier, professor

80.   Ms. Shreshtha Dandnayak, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Consumer Acquaintance & Perception of Online Food Services In India. 

81.   Mr. Chaudhary Muhammad Ehtisham, PhD Student, Riphah International University, Business Education/ Information and communication technology. 

82.   Dr. Prapin Nuchpiam, Lecturer, National Institute of Development Administration, A survey of legal frameworks for social enterprises in ASEAN. Additional Paper Accepted:   Emergence of social enterprises in Thailand – A legal perspective

83.   Mr. Khalid Mumtaz Khan, Senior Assistant Professor, Bahria University, The Gendered Challenges of Transition from Education to Work. 

84.   Mr. Santosh Jethwani, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, A Qualitative Fuzzy Logic Study Based on Identification of Key Barriers in Lean Implementation. Co-Author:  Mr. Vishal Wankhede

85.   Mr. Boonwat Sawangwong, Lecturer, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, People’s Attitude towards Crime Prevention and Suppression of Polices: a case study of Huai Khwang Police Station, Din Daeng, Bangkok. Co-Author:  Nunnaphut Boonpho

86.   Dr. Rym Asserraji, Assistant Professor, Moroccan School For Engineering Sciences - EMSI, A Socio-cultural Investigation on the Status of Women moving from the West in General to Morocco in Particular. 

87.   Dr. Adam Abbas, Associate Professor, Federal University of Kashere, An assessment of the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Fuel Wood Exploitation on the Supply Areas and Local Vicinity in Gombe State, Nigeria. Co-Author:  Dr Opoyemi S. Kolawale

88.   Mr. Rothi Bhattacharyya, Student, National Institute of Technology Patna, Drawing Perspective View Independent of its Graphical Constraints: A Mathematical Approach. 

89.   Mrs. Natalia Carolina Encalada Castillo, Lecturer and Researcher, International University of Ecuador, Transformation of the institutionality of international cooperation in Ecuador from 2007 to 2017: A case of state identity affirmation through role performance. 

90.   Dr. Aleksandra Kowalska, Associate Professor, Maria Curie-Skłodowska Univeristy in Lublin, Patterns of non-compliances in the agri-food chain. 

91.   Ms. Portia Egken, Associate Professor, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Effectiveness of Multimedia approach in Mathematics Achievement of Intermediate Pupils of St. John Colleges, Calamba City,Laguna SY 2014-2015. Co-Author:  Dr. Lerma Buenvinida, Associate Professor at Laguna State Polytechnic University

92.   Dr. Abdel Latif Sellami, Assistant Professor, Qatar University, Barriers to student interest in STEM disciplines in Qatar. 

93.   Ms. Dina Radwan, Teacher Assistant, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Charities and Online video ads: An Exploration on the effect of message evidence and message framing on viewers' intentions. Co-Author:  Dr. Eman Abdelsalam,Assistant Professor. Dr. Aisha Nour, Assistant Professor

94.   Ms. Portia Egken, School Head, St. John Colleges, Effectiveness of Multimedia Approach in Mathematics Achievements of Intermediate Pupils of St. John Colleges, Calamba City, Laguna SY 2014-2015. Co-Author:  Lerma Buenvinida

95.   Ms. Akanksha Gupta, Post Graduate Student, CEPT University, Plethora of Drivers Transforming Colonial Cities: The Case of Allahabad. Co-Author:  Asst. Prof. Vishal Dubey

96.   Dr. Aleksandra Kowalska, Associate Professor, Maria Curie-Skłodowska Univeristy, Patterns Of Non-Compliances In The Agri-Food Chain.  

97.   Mr. Aminu Bakari Buba, Assistant Lecturer, Federal University of Kashere, Global Land use Change and Sugarcane Production in Nigeria: Understanding the Ecological Consequences.  

98.   Dr. Jie Zhang, Lecturer in Finance, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Exploring the Effective Design of Project-based Learning. Co-Author:  Dr. Qing Ye

99.   Mr. Abhay Pant, Assistant Professor, O.P. Jindal University, Determinants of Restructured Assets in Indian banks. Co-Author:  Sanjeev Kumar

100.   Mr. Wise Sambo, Master Student, University of South Africa, A conceptual study of challenges faced by SEDA business incubators in SME development within Gauteng, South Africa. Co-Author:  Zodwa Primrose Malindisa

101.   Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, Senior Research Associate, O.P. Jindal University, Ownership classification and technical efficiency in Indian manufacturing firms: a stochastic frontier approach. Co-Author:  Abhay Pant

102. Ms. Siddhi Tanwar, Graduate Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Analyzing Professional Quality of Life Of Workers in Textile Industry in Surat, India. Co-Author:  Dr.Supriya Pal

103. Mr. Takeshi Kamijo, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University, L2 learners’ reading source texts for MA argumentative assignment essays in a UK university.  

104. Ms. Soni Pius, Master's Graduate, University of Nottingham, Restorative Social Framework for measuring Social Sustainability in Communities. Co-Author:  Dr Amy Tang, Assistant Professor

105. Ms. Meska Trabelsie, Chief Accounting Service, National Institute for Nutrition and Food Technology, Managing Health Systems in A Public Health Esablishment. Experiences, Practical Challenges Encountered and the Solutions Adopted. Co-Author:  Ms Ismahen Ferchichi

106. Prof. Sudipta Sen, Assistant Professor, O.P. Jindal University, Relationship between Fical and Monetary Policy: An Emerging Economy Viewpoint.  

107. Ms. Rui Ma, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde, The different antecedent factors of organisational trust of managers and subordinates in Scottish SMEs.  

108.  Mr. Salim Uddin Dewan, Consultant - IGH Govt Advisory, KPMG, Multiscale Carhart Four-Factor Pricing Model: Application to the Islamic Equity (Shari’ah Compliant) Market of Malaysia.  

109. Prof. Sylvia Mittler, Associate Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough, Multimedia in Multidisciplinary Language Courses: Merging Business Content, Intercultural Awareness and Linguistic Understanding. Co-Author:  Dr. Snejina Sonina

110.  Prof. Su Jeong Jeong, Visiting Professor, Tong-myong University, Are Korean students 'study and life balance' guaranteed?  Co-Author:  Jeong-Jin Youn, professor

111. Ms. Panarat Rohleder, PhD Student, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Female Leadership in Business Schools.  

112. Prof. Sobhith Mathew Jose, Research Associate, O.P.Jindal University, The Role of Green Banking in the Development of a Sustainable Financial Eco-System: A Global Perspective. Co-Author:  Prof.Aby Thomas