Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title             4th Annual International Conference on Law and Policy (AICLP)
Conference Dates          14th -16th August 2017 
Deadline for abstract     17th July 2017 
Conference Venue          University of Oxford, St Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Updated on 15th  July 2017

1. Dr. José G. Vargas-hernández, Research professor, University of Guadalajara, Economic Partnership Agreement Mexico -Japan Under Organizational Theories. Co-Author: Citlali Banderas Ramírez L.A.E.

2.  Mr. Ibrahim Dauda Adagye, Senior Lecturer, Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia, Effects of Organisational Culture on Financial Performance In Nigerian Banking Sector. Co-Author: Felix Maiangwa Gimba

3.  Mr. Shakeel Carrim, Lecturer, University of Johannesburg, Bonds and Stock Markets Uncertainty in the United Arab Emirates. Co-Author: Ms. Malini Nair

4.  Dr. Yaoxi Song, Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University, The Relation Between Citizenship and Social Solidarity. 

5.  Dr. Shah Habib, Professor and Director Training, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Mounting Challenges of Financial Crime in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh. Co-Author: Dr. Pinki Shah

6.  Dr. Fifi Junita, Associate Professor, University of Airlangga, Benefit Sharing Governance in Oil And Gas Sector in Indonesia: Option for Reform. 

7.   Prof. Olagunju Funke, Professor, Ladoke Akintola University of Technoogy, Value Chain Analysis of Cassava in Oyo State, Nigeria. Co-Author: Awoyinka, Thardeus Kolawole

8.  Mr. Shakeel Carrim, Lecturer, Univeristy Of Johannesburg, Bonds and Stock Markets Uncertainty in the United Arab Emirates. Co-Author: Malini Nair

9. Mr. Nasir Abdul Jalil, PhD Postgraduate Students, University Utara Malaysia (UUM), Organizational Characteristics Impacts toward Adoption of Business Intelligence. Co-Author: Associate Professor Dr. Mustakim Melan

10. Mr. Radhi Abu Bakar, PhD Student, Universiti Utara Malaysia, System Quality Impact toward Continuous Intention of Using Tax E-Filing System. Co-Author: Assc. Prof. Dr. Mustakim Melan

11. Mr. Pray Bavishi, Student, PanditDeendayal Petroleum University, Building Smart Villages with the convergence of public and private. 

12.  Mrs. Nalina Nadarajah, Senior Lecturer, Brickfields Asia College, Pre-Natal Testing should be Made Mandatory. 

13.   Mr. Dennis Ndambo, Lecturer, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: An Additional Requirement to the Rule on Exhaustion of Local Remedies? 

14.   Dr. Chih-Hsun Chuang, Professor, National Chung Hsing University, Are Human Resource Management and Supervisors’ Leadership Both Useful in Shaping Service Climate? Co-Author: Wen-Ni Wei

15.   Ms. Julia Agnetha Barus SH MH, Lecturer, University of Sumatera Utara, The Principle of equal treatment to foreign Investor According to Investment Law of Indonesia. Co-Authors: Perima Harianto Sembiring SH MKn; and Berliana Nasution SH Mh

16.   Dr. Bajrawan NUCHPRAYOOL, Lecturer and Vice-Dean, National Institute of Development Administration, Anti-corruption Law Reform: A Law and Economics Perspective. 

17.   Dr. BENLAKHDAR Mohammed Larbi, Professor, University of Bechar, The role of the dashboard in improving marketing decisions in the Algerian economic Firm. Co-Author: Yagoub Asma

18.   Dr. Ayu Laksmi, Lecturer, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Investigating factors that influence civil servants' performance: Evidence from Indonesia. Co-Author: Miss Dyah Kartika Sukmawati

19.   Dr. Zia Ullah, Assistant Professor, Sarhard University of Science and IT, Administrative Inefficiencies in the Justice System: The Case of Lower Level Courts. Co-Author: Muhammad Zeb

20.   Mr. Waqas Khaliq Bhatti, PhD Scholar, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Influence. Co-Authors: Barza Iftikhar Mir; and Syed Mazhar Abbas Zaidi

21.   Dr. Ayu Laksmi, Lecturer, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Investigating factors that influence civil servants' performance: Evidence from Indonesia. Co-Author: Miss Dyah Kartika Sukmawati

22.   Dr. Peter Maduabuchi Anyaogu, Senior Lecturer, Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Impact of Customer Emotions on Loyalty in Selected 5-Star Hotel in Nigeria. Additional Abstract Accepted:  Entrepreneurship and Job Creation: The Place of Marketing

23.   Mr. Manthan Kanani, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Business Challenges and Opportunities of SME Confectionery Manufacturer Enterprise in India. Co-Author: Dr. Tejas Dave, Assistant Professor (Supervisor)

24.   Ms. Rabia Sabahat, Assistant Professor, Lahore College for Women University, How to Economize the Advertisement Cost of the Public Tenders?  A Comprehensive Study on Public Procurement of Pakistan. Co-Author: Mr. Sabahat Nisar, Deputy Director, Punjab Agriculture, Food & Drug Authority. Additional Abstract Accepted: Assistant Professor / Incharge Management Science Department

25.   Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, M.Phil Scholar, Bahria University Islamabad, Impact of Political connections on Stock Performance- Evidence from Pakistan. Co-Author: Nauman Nawaz

26.   Mr. Abdul Rauf, M.Phil Scholar, Bahria University Islamabad, Impact of SME bank on progress of women entrepreneurs in major cities across the country Pakistan. Co-Author: Nidal Shabbir Khan

27.   Mrs. Laila Al Maqbali, Assistant Lecturer, College of Applied Sciences, Corporate Governance Impact on Firm Performance: The Case of Non-Financial listed Companies in Oman. 

28.   Mrs. Norlia Mohd Zain, PhD student, Durham University, The Determinants of Malaysian and Singaporean outward FDI: An Industry Level Analysis. 

29.   Dr. Abdullah Alanezi, Assistant Professor and Director of HRM programs, Institute of Public Administration, The future of Saudisation Policies: An Institutional Analysis. 

30.   Mr. Kelvins Terhemba Adzer, Lecturer, College of Education College of Education Katsina-Ala, Impact of Agribusiness on Inclusive Growth in Nigeria. Co-Author: Victor Ushahemba Ijirshar

31.   Dr. Juergen Wieland, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Bühlmann Laboratories AG, SMEs marketing mix standardisation in the B2B market. 

32.   Mr. Mohamed Mousa, PhD Student, Estonian Business School, Clouds Over Egypt: Culture Traits and Organizational Commitment in Public Education. 

33.   Mr. Mustafa Amir Zia, Student, Xian Jiaotong University, Effects of job satisfaction on employee’s performance. 

34.   Mr. Radhi Abu Bakar, PhD Student, Universiti Utara Malaysia, System Quality ImpacttToward Continuous Intention of Using Tax E-Filing System. Co-Authors: Assc. Prof. Dr. Mustakim Melan, Head of the Technology Management and Logistics School

35.   Mr. Bilal Muhammad Yaseen, Lecturer, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Nexus: Co-integration and Causality tests for Pakistan. Ms. Tabeer Riaz

36.   Mr. Jeffrey Selala, Lecturer, University of Venda, In Defence of the Constitution? The Constitutional Court's Approach to racism in the South African Labour Relations Law: Reflections on the Kruger case. 

37.   Mr. Usman Elahi, Teaching Fellow/ Lecturer, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Determinants of Real Exchange Rates: A case of Pakistan Economy. 

38.   Ms. Leona Nzewunwa, Ag.Chief Administrative Officer, National Metallurgical Development Centre, Mandatory Reporting Laws and Identification of Child Abuse and Neglect : Consideration of Differential Maltreatment Types and A Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse. 

39.   Prof. Kazuhiro Kumo, Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Inter-regional Population Migration in Russia Revisited:Analysis on Origin-to-Destination Matrix, 1990-2013. 

40.   Ms. Tuğba Sarikaya Guler, Researcher, Kırıkkale University, ‘Positive Obligations’ Doctrine of European Court of Human Rights: Is it Cogent or Obscure? 

41.   Ms. Ananya Kannasoot, Professor, Mahidol University’s Kanchanaburi Campus, Perception of 5-Star OTOP Non-Food Herb Brand Image of the Bangkokian. 

42.   Dr. Quan Nguyen, Lecturer, Cambridge International College (Melbourne), An Approach to the Choice of Input in Efficiency Assessment of Public Sector Commercial Banks: The Case of Vietnam.  

43.   Ms. Sharon Mathew, Student, Gujarat National Law University, Our planet's health, is our wealth. Co-Author: Mr. Sharad Kodianthara

44.   Prof. Zachary Awino, Associate Professor, University of Nairobi, Work Culture: Stress Management in Reducing Stress and Improving Organizational Performance. Co-Authors: Dr. Mary Musyoka, Lecturer. Professor Martin Ogutu, Associate Professor

45.   Mr. Sohail Amjad, MS Student, University of Siena, An Appraisal of Pakistani Law on Violence against Women. 

46.   Ms. Sonam Rohta, Assistant Professor, Himachal Pradesh University, Health and Educational Problems of Children of Migrant labourers in Chandigarh: A Study. 

47.   Dr. Stanley Coffie, Senior Lecturer, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Consumer-Based Positioning Strategies for Branding Services in a Transitioning Economy. 

48.   Prof. Farooq Anwar, Dean, Imperial College of Business Studies, Impact of Interpersonal Mistreatment on job satisfaction and turnover Intentions; An empirical evidence from Pakistan. Co-Author: Julian Paul Sidin

49.   Dr. Akshay Mattas, Student, SGT University, A study on Integration of India’s stock market with Asian, European and American’s stock markets. Co-Author: Dr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Management, SGT University, Gurugram, India

50.   Mr. Md Obydul Haque Kamaly, Student, International Islamic university Malasia, Implementation of Bay’ al-salam in Agricultural Banking of Bangladesh: An Islamic Banking Perspective. 

51.   Mrs. Stella Nyongesa, Assistant Lecturer and PhD Student, Strathmore University, The Joint Influence of Relationship Marketing, Social Performance Management and Firm Characteristics on Customer Retention by Microfinance Institutions in Kenya. Co-Authors: Prof. Francis N. Kibera, PhD; and Prof. Ruth Kiraka, PhD

52.   Prof. John Adebayo Oloyede, Professor of Finance, Ekiti State University, Test of Exchange Market Efficiency In Nigeria. Co-Author: Dr Toyin Otapo Lecturer

53.   Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohamad Saleh, Student, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Investigating the effect of Technology Adoption towards the Continuance of Broadband Intention in Malaysia. Co-Author: Dr. Mustakim Melan, Senior Lecturer

54.   Dr. Supawadee Moss, Lecturer, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, Smooth operators? Income smoothing in Thai listed companies. Co-Author: Dr. Jonathan Moss, Lecturer

55.   Mr. Kelvin Onyibor, Lecturer Assistant, European University of Lefke, The Impact of External Borrowing on Economic Growth of Turkey. 

56.   Dr. Jackie Tam, Senior Teaching Fellow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Effect of Stereotypes on Satisfaction Evaluations: A study in Intercultural Service Encounters. 

57.   Ms. Dazhen Zhang, PhD Candidate, University of Wollongong, Protecting marine environment of islands and surrounding sea areas in China's local practice—a case study of Liaoning and Shandong. 

58.   Dr. Mesut Kasap, Researcher (Dr.), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, The Impact of leader member exchange on Lodging Employee’s Dynamic Capacities: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction. Co-Author: Dr. Bekir Eşitti; and Yavuzhan Ahiskali

59.   Mrs. Cynthia Manggarani, Student, Gadjah Mada University, Trying to Buy a New Product: What Does Advertising Do Nowadays? Co-Author: Basu Swastha Dharmmesta

60.   Ms. Kitonyi Saiti, PhD Student, University of Nairobi, Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: A Critical Review of Literature. 

61.   Dr. Hyman Cheung, Lecturer (Economics), The Open University of Hong Kong, A Cross-country Study of the Effects of Corruption and Political Rights on Income. 

62.   Mrs. Ana Cristina Costa, PhD Student, Universidade Europeia, A Business Model adapted to Non-Profit Organisations. 

63.   Mr. Sharan Banerjee, Student, Sciences Po, Inequality, Trade and Populist Politics. 

64.   Ms. Maria Ashitko, Postgraduate Student, The National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, Features of the legal status of the child in the Republic of Belarus. 

65.   Mr. Hyeongtae Kim, Doctoral Student, Pusan National University, Trading Volume and Asymmetry Volatility: Evidence from Korean Stock Market. Co-Author: Seong-min Yoon, Professor, Pusan National University

66.   Mr. Shama Ams, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Governance and Legal Reform in Countries Emerging from Conflict: The Case of Sri Lanka. 

67.   Mrs. Najla Almutairi, PhD Student, Queen's University Belfast, How Oil Price Shocks Propagate to Saudi Business Cycle: Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances. 

68.   Mr. Augustine Adebayo Kutu, Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Monetary Policy and Industrial Output in the BRICS Countries: A Markov-Switching Model. Co-Author: Harold Ngalawa

69.   Dr. Kausar Qureshi, Alumni, University of Essex, Power & dependency in distribution channels within b2b networks and its strategic impact on standardization/adaptation decisions.  

70.   Mr. Luka Samardžija, External associate, Polytechnic of Požega, Perception of promotional communication of wine bottle etiquette. Co-Author(s) :  Dr. BErislav Andrlić

71.   Ms. Monaliz Amirkhanpour, PhD Researcher, University of Gloucestershire, The Success Factors of Mobile Marketing via Smartphones in Retail. Co-Author(s) :  Dr. Demetris Vrontis, Professor and Executive Dean Distance Learning Unit, Univeristy of Nicosia, Cyprus)

72.   Dr. Monica Popa, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Memorable Moments in Organized Travel Tours: The Bright Side of Facing Adversities. Co-Author(s) :  Ana-Pietje Du Plessis

73.   Mr. Nam Taewoo, MS Student, Pusan National University, Changes in Wages of Korean Women Accompanying Raising Children.  

74.   Ms. Charmele Ayadurai, PhD Student, University of Salford, Determinants of bank soundness in G7 and Australia during Global Financial Crisis. Co-Author(s) : Dr. Rasol Eskandari, Lecturer

75.   Dr. Mi-Hye Chang, Senior Researcher, Korean Woman’s Development Institute, Poverty of the Elderly Women in South Korea: Improving Public Old-Age Income Security policy based on the gender perspective.  

76.   Mr. Nelson Madumere, PhD Candidate, University of East London, Concieving Sustainable Approaches To Equitable Tenurial Rigime In Nigereia.  

77.   Mrs. Mei-Hung Huang, Ph.D. Candidate, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Almighty Temple Marketing Strategy Transformation Project - the Case of Huatan Baishakeng Wende Temple. Co-Author(s) : Dr. Jeng Yih; and Dr. Shyu So-De

78.   Ms. Mei-Hung Huang, Ph.D. Candidate, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Whether or not? The weather affect to Asia stock’s market. Co-Author(s) :  Miss. Huang Mei-Hung,  Ph.D. Candidate  & Lecturer; Dr. Jeng Yih; Dr. Shyu So-De

79.   Ms. Min-ya Tseng, Assistant Professor, Transworld Institute of Technology, The Exploratory Study of Routine Use Process within the Information System Post-implementation Stage. Co-Author(s) : Chien-Ming Wu

80.   Ms. Smita Gupta, Research Scholar, Indian Institute of technology, New Delhi, India, Impact of Ethical Leadership and Servant Leadership on Employee’ s Behaviour: A Comparative Study.  

81.   Dr. Akinola Wilfred, PhD Student to Dr Bokana, University of Kwazulu Natal, Determinants of Higher Education Enrolment In Nigeria. Co-Author(s) : Dr. Gerry Koye Bokana

82.   Ms. Dilpreet Virk, Phd Candidate, Kingston University, Finding Direction for Women Directors.  

83.   r. Dewi Amat Sapuan, Associate Professor, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Military Careers: Public Perception, Personnel Experience, and Post-Military Career Opportunities.  

84.   Prof. Dja Shin Wang, Associate Professor, TransWorld University, Monitoring optimization parameter to minimize energy consumption for carbon emission reduction. Co-Author(s) :  Mr. Ting-Wei Yeh, Dr.Tong Yuan Koo, Professor

85.   Dr. Akinola Wilfred, PhD Student to Dr Bokana, University of Kwazulu Natal, The Sub-Saharan Africa’s Higher Education Enrolment: Determinants and Policy Implication. Co-Author(s) : Dr. Gerry Koye Bokana