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Who should attend this course? 

This course is an intermediate level course for which the target audience is the relevant staff of financial and non-financial institutions processing personal information, from customer databases to employee records, HR managers, data management professionals, computer security officials, marketing personnel, compliance officers, the staff of law enforcement agencies, risk management professionals, auditors, regulators, consultants and senior practitioners.


Data security is a critical new front in the battle against financial crime. With technological advances and the availability of tools like online banking, electronic fund transfers and virtual currencies, the issue of customer and employee data protection has become an increased concern for regulators and policymakers. Ever-increasing regulations in the area of data protection impose comprehensive compliance and regulatory requirements on financial institutions and businesses. These requirements necessitate the implementation of effective policies and procedures to ensure the appropriate assessment of an institution’s data security risks and putting in place effective measures to counter these risks and protect against data loss.

With the increased use of social media and networking sites, it has become more important than ever for institutions to understand the implications of such technology advances on their organisation. Staff need to be fully aware of the key concepts of data protection laws to securely collect, store and use protected data in the workplace, the identification of any ‘red-flag’ indicators in data security breaches, and the best solutions to prevent internal and external unauthorised access to protected data.

This course will enable participants to develop an in-depth understanding of the data protection laws, internationally recognised standards and recent policy developments. It will enhance their skills to efficiently recognise and detect any data security breaches, provide them with detailed knowledge of different types of old and recent data security attacks (with real-world examples and case scenarios), and enable them to develop appropriate systems and controls to prevent any such breaches within their institution and to effectively respond to any data breach or unauthorised access.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key provisions of current data protection law and regulations, recent regulatory developments and industry best practices;
  • Identify the data security risks facing their institution;
  • Identify the ‘red-flag’ indicators in data security breaches;
  • Understand best practice approaches to prevent any data security breaches; and
  • Propose solutions to develop effective countermeasures to successfully manage their institutional risks and safeguard data.

What will be covered in the course?

  • Discussions on current data protection law and recent regulatory developments, including EU data protection reforms;
  • Emerging data protection challenges in the growing digital world;
  • Data security risks and the responsibilities of an institution;
  • Best practices to protect your institution against potential data security breaches – both internal and external;
  •  ‘Red-flag’ indicators of a potential data security breach, with relevant practical examples and case scenarios; and
  • Effective policies for responding to identified internal staff breaches.

Duration : ONE Day Course (9:00am-5:00pm)

Speaker       Dr. Ramandeep                           Chhiina

Cost              GBP 1475 +VAT                           Per 20 Delegates 

Level            Intermediate

Venue          Onsite Training

Date             As Agreed

Duration       ONE Day Course 

Timings        9:00am-5:00pm

Course Code  FLE 004 

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