FLE Learning is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills of financial crime professionals, investigators and compliance officers by organising face-to-face training, courses, workshops and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, which are critical to the development of a professional competitive edge and in ensuring your organisation’s compliance with the ever-growing array of financial crime laws, regulations and policies.

Face-to-Face training FLE’s face-to-face training events and courses are highly interactive, informative and practical, and are driven by real-world examples and case scenarios. All FLE events and training sessions are conducted by experts in the field of financial crime.

Tailor-made onsite training : FLE offers tailor-made training adapted to the needs of a specific organisation, company or institution. The focus of the training may be technical, theoretical, practical or strategic, depending on the client’s priorities.

Academic Conferences : The aim of our academic conferences is to provide a platform for academics, practitioners, consultants, scholars, researchers and policy-makers, all with different backgrounds and experiences, to present their research papers and to share their valuable experience, new ideas and research results with each other, facilitating discussions of the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted during their work.